History of minecraft in 6 minutes

Looking to the history of Minecraft for 6 minutes looks boring but it isn't.
This movie (made for Minecraft developer Mojang) is funny and entertaining. In just over six minutes, you see how Notch began building a simple square lawn, and ended with a randomly generated world of forests, rivers, caves, ice fields and gateways to other dimensions. Quite amazing actually, how Minecraft has grown over the last three years. You start to wonder how the game will look in three years. Does the team (now without Notch) add elements at this rate? Or does it at some point release Minecraft 2?

This film was showed last month at Minecon, but anyone who was not there can check it here:

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Super Mario Land emulated in Minecraft!

Three guys have created an amazing tribute to Super Mario Land.
With over 500 man-hours of work they've created a 2 minute movie using over 18 million blocks!!

They simulated a GameBoy screen 1:1 in size, measuring 160 blocks across and 144 blocks tall.
Every screenshot was created pixel-by-pixel with 23,040 blocks.
They used dyed-wool blocks to create it.
After taking each screenshot, the team of three would have to manually shift every block for the next screen of the side-scrolling action, and repeat the process all over again. The only thing that was sequenced was the music.

The video you see is actually made a total of 800 shots. The project took a total of four weeks, 7-days a week, and six to seven work hours a day.

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Minecraft HD texture pack

Latest Version!: [Version 1.8]

128x128: http://www.mediafire...ercraft_1.8.zip

64x64: http://www.mediafire...craft64_1.8.zip

32x32: http://www.mediafire...craft32_1.8.zip

A Minecraft HD texture pack in the style of Gearbox Software's Borderlands.

How to Install:

-Cleaning your installation (DO THIS FIRST!) This is also how you can uninstall if the need arises.

1. Hit Windows Key + R to open the Run console.

2. Type in and enter the following: %appdata%/.minecraft/

3. That should open a folder, in that folder delete the bin and texturepacks folders.

4. Run Minecraft and let it patch. When that's done, close Minecraft.

-Installing the texture pack

1. Save my pack's zip file and the latest version of MCPatcher to your desktop.

Found here: http://www.minecraft...f=1021&t=252531

2. Follow the instructions on the this thread.


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Install texture packs

There are texture packs available for the Creative version of Minecraft and the Survival version; with Survival having the most packs available. First choose a texture pack you want to install and download it. To install the pack, you must have started Minecraft at least once in either the browser or in the client version.

The nicest texture packs can be downloaded on the official forum

Start Minecraft, click on the ‘Mods and Texture Packs’ and then click “Open texture pack folder”. Drag the .zip file from each pack in there and it will appear in the list of textures, ready to launch from the Minecraft menu.

There is one thing though, some textures are in a higher resolution than the original Minecraft, so to use them apply Kahr’s HD texture fix, run it, hit patch and you’re set.

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Minecraft Skins

Below you can find a list of the best Minecraft Slins. We’ll be hand picking some of the best on the net and featuring them right here.
We'll be adding new skins on a regular base. Feel free to leave a comment below if there are any you’d like to bring to our attention.


Download here


Download here

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